30 day opera challenge

Day 7 - An aria that you hate - Dovunque al mondo

I have a lot of problems with Pinkerton and people trying to exculpate him…just…no. Also Puccini’s inclusion of the American national anthem is a little heavy-handed (although maybe that’s the point). And I hate how the words ‘Yankee’ and ‘whisky’ sound amongst the Italian. Rant over.

Recommended viewing: Placido Domingo (because he looks sexy in that t-shirt)


Maria Callas and Giuseppe di Stefano in the dress rehearsal of Madama Butterfly. (Chicago, 1955)


Original Lithograph printed 1914, from a dramatic scene from Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, by German born artist Adolfo Hohenstein.


I’ve posted this before, but seriously.

If you see Madama Butterfly and you don’t weep, there is something wrong with you (or it’s a bad production… always possible).

Madama Butterfly performed ‘in the presence of the composer’, 1907 at the Met.