Fritz Wunderlich & Hermann Prey sing ‘Au fond du temple saint’ in German


  “When we first mounted the stage together during the “Schweigsame Frau” rehearsals at Salzburg in 1959, we knew that our paths would converge then on. In those brief years we learned how to complement one another. He knew a tremendous amount about singing. I learned a lot from him. With his immense natural musical talent, this son of the gods was still at the beginning of a meteoric career. What might he not have achieved, given the time? At Schubert’s graveside Grillparzer said: ‘Here Death buried a rich treasure, and even richer promise.’ How this statement applies to Fritz too! When we were last together he told me: “The best years are yet to come; a singer only gains command over tears at forty.” He did not know that he already had it.

  Our dreams were truly boundless. We wanted to become the heavenly twins of song. Fate decided otherwise, decreeing that I be left alone, a deserted twin. We virtually improvised this record, our last one, together with Fritz Neumeyer and his musicians. Listening to it today, there are points at which I cannot really tell who is singing what. Our voices melted together to form one. The world is mourning for a gifted singer of his generation. I mourn for a friend and brother in song the likes of whom I will never find again.” 

- Hermann Prey on Fritz Wunderlich


Fritz Wunderlich sings ‘Dies bildnis ist bezaubernd schön’ from Mozart’s ‘Die Zauberflöte’, 1965.


I love this guy’s voice.  I wish he hadn’t died so young. :(

Tenor Fritz Wunderlich sings Tamino’s “Dies Bildnis” from Mozart’s Die Zauberflote