Opera blogs

Lots of people (well, some) liked my thing about what proper blogs I follow, so voici la liste:

Parterre - Perez Hilton of the opera world, ‘cept with good reviews and lots of opera bitching in the comments section. Mostly Met-centric.

Intermezzo - news and gossip blog centred around the Royal Opera House and other UK opera houses. 

Opera Chic - news and gossip blog centred around La Scala.

The Yankee Diva - Joyce Didonato’s blog of amazingness and beauty.

Opera Today - fabulous aggregate of reviews from all over the internet.

Barihunks - hot baritones, daily. Enough said.

Operagasm - online opera magazine of sorts.

Opera Obsession - Met-centric reviews and general articles.

Likely Impossibilities - very well-written and informed live and DVD reviews.

Poison Ivy’s Wall of Text - Opera and ballet reviews and articles.

Opera Warhorses - ‘An appreciation and analysis of the ‘Standard Repertory’ of opera’.

Opera Now! - blog which updates with the Opera Now! podcast, which is super good.

Opera Fresh - bits and pieces from all over the world.

Iron Tongue of Midnight - musings and reviews.

I Hear Voices - mostly concert reviews.

Classical Iconoclast - lots of articles about operas and other subjects.

Trying to Remain Opera-rational - Mezzo Jennifer Rivera’s insightful blog.

Operatoonity - various articles and interviews.

Salazar’s Opera Family Circle - short news bits mostly from New York.

The Opera Tattler - news about US West Coast opera companies, and tattling on their audiences’ bad behaviour.

A Liberal’s Libretto - articles on opera news and issues.

Opera Teen - opera from a teen perspective

Please feel free to suggest; I’m sure I’ve missed some!