Ah! Non Giunge
by Bellini - La Sonnambula - Antonino Votto + 509 plays


Here we got the joyous aria from La Sonnambula, where Maria performs an unbelievable and unreachable (and famous) feat: a diminuendo on a High E-flat, then a 2-octaves descending scale, everything done perfectly in the same breath! Let’s remember: an Isolde, a Turandot, a Kundry!

Vincenzo Bellini’s La Sonnambula.
Ah non giunge
(Recorded: July 4th, 1957 in Großes Haus, Köln)

Under the direction of Antonino Votto. 

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    Vincenzo Bellini - ”Ah non giunge” (La Sonnambula) Maria Callas, Antonino Votto, Cologne, 1957 
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