'It is easy to understand why some producers prefer to cast Nerone as a tenor: a male Nerone makes it easier to present direct physical interaction between the two lovers.

lol ok have you seen mezzos or


Tu che le vanità from Verdi’s Don Carlo, sung by Montserrat Caballé.

#i hate everything #but especially verdi quoting the former love duets in angsty arias

What I learned from making a Phaedra gifset


A month and a half ago, I published a set of gifs of Sarah Connolly singing Britten’s Phaedra for a documentary film by John Bridcut. 

Making opera gifs is a pretty frivolous pursuit, but often in the process I notice details that I would not pick up on otherwise.

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Young Luciano Pavarotti


Cendrillon gif posters. Click for bigger size = moar sexiness.


And since super-dirty Renaissance songs have already come up today, here, have Iestyn Davies and Thomas Dunford perform Morley’s Will you buy a fine dog?.

Mon âme a reconnu votre âme, Charlotte.

and so it goes on


Your classical music misogyny for the day.


Maria Callas performing the aria “Habanera” from Georges Bizet’s 1875 opera Carmen - Hamburg, 16 March 1962 (x)