Peter Mattei let’s hit the hay

Ildar Abdrazakov let’s take those trousers off

Isabel Leonard please kiss me, a nerd


The Making of: “You Mean the World to Me” — Jonas Kaufmann

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Jonas Kaufmann in Humperdinck’s Königskinder 


an unorthodox but accurate depiction of my deteriorating mental state

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text post meme: classical composers

Anna Netrebko and Daniel Barenboim after performing Strauss’ Vier Letzte Lieder at the Staatsoper Berlin


text post meme: shostakovich


Ma lassù ci vedremo from Verdi’s Don Carlo, sung by Renata Tebaldi and Carlo Bergonzi.

"As Arnold points out, there is an otherwise inexplicable shift in direction in the Piccadilly line passing east out of South Kensington. “In fact,” she writes, “the tunnel curves between Knightsbridge and South Kensington stations because it was impossible to drill through the mass of skeletal remains buried in Hyde Park.” I will admit that I think she means “between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park Corner”—although there is apparently a “small plague pit dating from around 1664” beneath Knightsbridge Green—but I will defer to Arnold’s research.

But to put that another way, the ground was so solidly packed with the interlocked skeletons of 17th-century victims of the Great Plague that the Tube’s 19th-century excavation teams couldn’t even hack their way through them all. The Tube thus had to swerve to the side along a subterranean detour in order to avoid this huge congested knot of skulls, ribs, legs, and arms tangled in the soil—an artificial geology made of people, caught in the throat of greater London."

London and Its Dead

i read shit like this and think what could my imagination possibly have to add

like how do i write something about london that’s weirder than london already is?

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I am taking the Piccadilly line to the airport tomorrow and wow, do I have something to think about now.

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Such a whitecloudsbluesky factoid.

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